What to Include in Your 2013 SEO Strategy

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Search engine optimization strategies frequently change as search engines update their algorithms. New strategies are constantly being developed while past strategies become outdated and less effective. While we can’t be certain exactly what 2013 will bring for the SEO industry, we can make some educated guesses.

Google Author Rank

Google authorship, the concept of linking content to Google Plus profiles, was introduced this year, and will likely become more important in 2013. It’s clear that Google values high-quality, legitimate content. One way the search engine is beginning to measure this is by ranking content that is linked to Google plus higher than other content.

Natural Links

The spammy links companies blast all over the Internet won’t help rankings much. Your company should work for natural links. One great way to do this is to create content that is shareable. Linkbait, content that people will likely link to, needs to be interesting, entertaining or thought provoking. The more informative and useful your content is, the more likely it will be to gain natural links. You can also build natural links through guest blog posts and press releases.

Google Disavow Tool

Another new tool from Google is the Disavow Tool. With this tool, companies can alert Google if they feel their rankings are being harmed by links that are out of the company’s control. For the first time, you have the chance to do something about all those spammy, black-hat sites that are harming your site’s rankings. Since this tool is relatively new, some speculate that in the coming year it could become a bigger part of Google’s algorithm.

Social Media Optimisation

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When a site garners lots of traffic and lots of social media links, a search engine can assume the site is credible. This is why it is imperative that your brand builds a social media presence in 2013. The idea of social media influencing search rankings is still being developed, so this will be something to keep an eye on in the coming months.

Diverse Anchor Texts

Keyword-rich anchor texts that point to your site are still important. However, Google is attempting to stop spammy anchor texts. Add some variety to your anchor texts by using related terms and don’t use anchor texts that are obviously keyword stuffed. This also goes back to the need for quality content. It’s hard to have quality blog posts or site content if your anchor texts are repetitive or don’t make sense grammatically.

As SEO develops, it is becoming more all-inclusive. Digital marketing tactics like social media, link building, guest blogging and online public relations are becoming so closely related that your business must have a comprehensive digital marketing plan if you want to keep up in the coming year. In order to gain rankings, increase traffic and build your brand, you’ll need a strategy that includes several tactics, all working together.