What to do When your Social Media Followers aren’t Listening

Continually posting to social media only to realise that your audience isn’t listening can be frustrating. If people aren’t commenting on your posts, clicking on your links, sharing your content, responding to your calls to action or otherwise responding to your posts, your social media marketing plan won’t bring results.

Social media is most effective when it spurs action and compels people to do something, even if that means just visiting your website. Here are some things you can do if you find no one is listening.

Check your Content

First, make sure the content you are posting is something that people will want to pay attention to. Make sure your topics are attractive to your target market and that your content is high quality and professional. If your content isn’t right for your social media followers, people will tune you out and stop listening altogether.

You can check your content by doing research into your target market and by doing things like surveys and polls to find out what people want or simply experimenting to find what works best.

Consider your Social Network

Next, ask yourself whether the social network you are using is conducive to your content and messages. For example, do people follow you on Facebook for the type of content you are sharing? Are your Twitter updates the kind of thing people want to find on that site?

Using social networks that your target market uses to find the kind of information you are sharing is vital. If you are using the wrong channel, you’ll find people aren’t listening.

Plan a Social Media Event

When you are sure you are sharing the right kind of content and using the right social network, get peoples’ attention by holding a social media event. Some examples of simple social media events would be giveaways and contests.

You could also run a themed campaign where all of your posts work together as a sort of series and are tied together with a hashtag or ask people to provide input over a couple of weeks for your new location or the kind of features they want to see on your website.

The idea is to do something different on social media that gets people engaged and talking, so your account becomes front and centre and people start paying attention to it.

Give People a Reason to Listen

When your event is over, you have a great opportunity to keep your audience captivated. The event helped you gain an audience that is listening, and now you need to give people a reason to keep listening.

Now that people are aware of your account and the kind of value you provide, deliver on their expectations by continuing to offer value. Post the kind of information people are looking for and every so often host another event to add some energy and draw attention to your account again.

Using these steps to regularly assess your social media marketing and renew interest in your accounts so people will start listening will make your marketing efforts much more effective.