What to do when People aren’t Interacting with your Content

Quizzes, how-to tutorials and social media polls are big in content marketing. Businesses are finding success in creating content designed specifically to get readers to interact with their brand. But, even more traditional types of online content, like blog posts, promotional videos, and website content, should also be geared toward generating some kind of response.

You want people to share your content, buy your product, view your business differently, voice their opinion, visit your website, or take some other kind of action as a result of viewing your content. But, what should you do when people don’t interact with your content?

Honestly Critique your Content

First, honestly critique your content. Is it high quality? Does it represent your brand well? Is it appealing to your target market? All successful content marketing strategies begin with stellar content, and if yours is subpar, you won’t see audience interaction or marketing results.

Before you take any other steps to improve your content marketing strategy, start by improving your content itself. Take the time to develop excellent pieces that will enhance your campaign.

Deliver what People are Looking For

If the content you’re producing isn’t what your target market is looking for, you won’t see much interaction. Do some market research and even conduct surveys or focus groups to find out what people you are targeting look for online. Then, make sure your content creation strategy takes this into account as your team brainstorms and creates videos, blog posts, infographics and all your other content.

Make Content User Friendly

With the right content ready to be published, you need to make sure it’s user friendly. This means making sure people can find it, it’s easy to comment on, quizzes and other interactive elements are working properly, images are appealing and it’s shareable. If your content is hard to interact with, people won’t waste their time trying to respond to your calls to action.

Invite Participation

Does your audience know you want their participation? Make it very clear you want peoples’ feedback, encourage blog subscribers to share your posts and appreciate it when people comment on your videos.

Do this by asking for opinions and thanking people for making comments or sharing your content. If you’ve made it easy to interact, you’ll find satisfied customers and brand fans are willing to interact with the right content.

Consider Using an Extra Incentive

Finally, there are times when you’ll need to offer an extra incentive to get people talking about your brand or to kick off a campaign. This is where photo contests, giveaways for sharing content and raffles for blog subscribers come in.

If you’ve done your job well by producing top quality content, making it easy to interact with and inviting participation, you’ll steadily grow an active audience that doesn’t always need an extra incentive.

An engaged, active audience can take your content marketing to the next level, making it even more powerful. But, if your audience isn’t interacting, these tips can help you encourage people to take action and help you improve your marketing campaigns.