What to Consider Before You Start an Email Campaign

Image courtesy of Kittikun Atsawintarangkul/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Are you ready to start an email campaign? If you’re new to email marketing, or if you’re starting a new type of campaign, there are some things you should consider before you get started. Email marketing can be a great way to get messages in front of your market, drive traffic to your site and increase sales. As you start your campaign, consider the following guidelines.

Set Some Goals

First, write down your goals. Why are you running an email campaign? Your goal should outline what you hope to accomplish with your campaign. Ideally, the goal for your email campaign aligns with one of your overall business goals. If you aren’t sure why you are emailing your market to begin with, your email won’t benefit your business.

As you design your campaign, keep your goals in mind. Then, when your campaign is over, revisit your goals and see if you met them. If you didn’t, find out why you didn’t and find ways you can be more successful with future email marketing campaigns.

Perfect Your Message

After you have defined your goal, you can perfect the message you use in your email. The message should be written with your market in mind and should help you achieve your goal. The best email campaigns have messages that capture the audience’s attention and include a call to action.

Remember that most people will read your email’s subject line first. If the subject line is interesting and promises value, people will be more likely to open and read your email.

Find an Email Marketing Service Provider

An email marketing service provider (ESP) will allow you to carry out the technical aspects of your campaign. There are several options available, so look for one that provides all the features your company needs.

Try to think about your long-term needs as you choose an ESP. The logistics of executing campaigns will be easier to handle if you find a provider you like and then stick with the same one.

Plan for Future Campaigns and Emails

As you plan your email marketing campaign, look at it as part of a larger strategy. Think about your other marketing tactics and goals as well as what you might want to do with future email campaigns. Many businesses use email marketing as a way to support other tactics, like special offers or new product launches. If you can see the bigger picture, you can find ways your email will fit into future plans. For example, you could use this campaign to build a hype about a new product, and then announce the new product in a future email campaign.

These email marketing tips can help you get started with your first campaign or enhance the way you already run email campaigns at your business. The next time you set up a campaign, use these guidelines to help you stay focused and be successful.