What to Avoid as an Affiliate Marketer

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As an affiliate marketer, you probably hear all about affiliate marketing best practices. But, there are also some things you should avoid to prevent failed campaigns and wasted resources. Like many other forms of digital marketing, finding an affiliate marketing structure that works for your site and your audience will take time. If you can avoid these common mistakes from the very beginning, you’ll be able to avoid some of the growing pains many affiliate marketers face.

Avoid Becoming a Pushy Sales Person

Your readers will see right through any pushy sales tactics you try. Instead of trying to sell them using these, try softer, more personable approaches. Things like reviews, product videos and success stories tend to do well. In fact, studies show that people who watch a video of a product are much more likely to purchase it. Avoid scaring your readers off with pushy sales strategies that, in the end, won’t help you or your audience.

Avoid Looking Spammy

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If your site looks like it is full of spam, your readers won’t trust you. They likely won’t visit your site, let alone purchase the product you are selling. Make your site look professional and use affiliate links sparingly. Building trust is one of the key steps in making a sale, and if people suspect you are a spammer, you won’t be able to build a foundation of trust.

Avoid the Urge to Sell Everything

There are so many affiliate marketing opportunities out there. So many, that it can become tempting to try every opportunity to see what interests your readers. Yes, you’ll likely have to try a few different products and systems before you begin making money, but don’t push everything on your readers at once. Choose one or two products to work with, and then focus on that until you can gauge your success.

Avoid Non-Niche Products

Along with the temptation to sell everything often comes the temptation to sell products that don’t fit your niche perfectly. Rather than waste your time on products that “sort of” fit your audience, save your energy for the perfect product opportunity. When that comes along, use your resources and your interested audience wisely and you’ll be surprised at how much more open they will be to your affiliate marketing.

Avoid Over Doing Affiliate Content

Of course you need to use content that promotes your product, but avoid becoming a sales machine. Continue writing the content and providing the services you normally do that draws your audience in. Keep being the blogger you are, with a few added affiliate posts. Try to create a blog where readers come for your great content, and your product recommendations as a bonus.

Affiliate marketing takes time and practice. When you start out, you’ll need to make a few changes to your original plan as you learn what works for your audience, but avoiding these pitfalls will help you start the process the right way.