What to Ask Yourself Before You Start Affiliate Marketing

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Becoming an affiliate marketer is an excellent way to make some extra money from your website or blog. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing involves adding links to your content that refer your readers to a business. Depending on the type of program you are involved with, you’ll earn money based on the number of sales that come through your site, the number of visitors you send to a merchant’s site, or the number of leads you bring in for a company. For more information on how affiliate marketing works, check out our previous post: A Beginner’s Guide To: Affiliate Marketing (For the Affiliate).

If you are considering joining an affiliate marketing program, here are a few questions you should ask yourself to assess whether or not affiliate marketing will be beneficial for you.

Do I get enough traffic to my site?

The more traffic you get to your site, the higher your chances will be of being successful at affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all about making sales or driving traffic to a merchant’s site. If you have a good amount of traffic coming to your site you’ll have a bigger audience to work with as you promote a product or service.

Are my readers engaged and do they trust me?

As you become a resource in your industry, your readers will become more engaged with your blog and will trust your opinions and advice. Friends can be extremely influential, so if you are a likable blogger and have a lot of online friends, chances are you are ready to start affiliate marketing. If your readers are active and if you have a foundation of trust, you’ll be a more successful marketer.

Is there a product I can naturally promote?

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Your readers are smart. They know when you are pushing advertisements on them and they know when you are trying to sell them something. However, most people aren’t bothered when a friend or someone they trust recommends a product they have had personal experience with. If you want to do marketing on your blog or website, stick with products that make sense for your niche and try to test the products or services before you promote them.

Am I persuasive? 

If you aren’t able to sell people on ideas or inspire them to try something new, affiliate marketing may not be for you. The trick to making money this way is knowing how and when to push which products. If your writing is strong and you feel that you are able to make a sale, then go for it! However, don’t overwhelm your readers with too many ads or affiliate links; you will lose your reputation as a reliable resource, which will only harm your affiliate marketing efforts.

Do I currently have a stable income?

It is definitely possible to make a substantial amount of money through affiliate marketing. However, as a beginner, it probably isn’t wise to rely solely on this type of income. You’ll need some time to work out the kinks and discover what works well for your site. Also, income generated from affiliate marketing can fluctuate, which means you’ll most likely need another source of income.

Can I spend some time and resources on my blog?

Once you have added some affiliate marketing links or ads to your site, you’ll want to be able to put some time and resources into it to ensure you are successful. This means updating your blog often, writing product-specific posts, attracting readers, driving traffic, managing comments, advertising your site and maintaining your blog’s design. Just like any other project, affiliate marketing takes work. If you are serious about earning money this way, you’ll need to invest some time and maybe some money in your blog.

For many site owners, affiliate marketing is a good way to make a passive income. If you have considered this type of marketing as a way to make some extra money, ask yourself these questions to find out if you are ready, or to prepare yourself, for affiliate marketing.