What Obama can teach you about Blogging

When President Obama went on national television and told the world he supported gay marriage, the world listened. And then the world started talking. A lot.

Twitter was ablaze as the supporters and the opposition furiously tapped across their keys and joined in furious debate about his standpoint. As the first US president in history to openly support gay marriage (or, ‘marriage’, as I prefer to call it.) he knew his words would cause a storm. The issue of gay marriage is one that divides people in ways more complex than the democrat/ republican divide.

So what can you learn from this that will help your blogging strategy and turn your words into hits?

1. Divide opinion. Never be afraid to alienate half of your audeince. If you’re writing about something you are passionate about, chances are other people will be passionate about it too. If you always shy away from the controversial, you’ll never reap the benefits of active debate and interation.

2. Take Risks. When you start out blogging you may be tempted to shadow and mimic your blogging idols. This is fine when you start out, but if you want to make a name for yourself and innovate, you’re going to have to try something new. Think about your favourite blog, what is it that you love about it? It’s probably that they’re doing something different. Take a risk, try something new.

3. Write about things people care about. Would you read anything you’re not particularly bothered about? No, so when you’re writing, think about your audience and what matters to them. As Obama has shown, dividing opinion by talking about the things people are passionate about will give you a huge amount of exposure, as far more people will be willing to share your content.

4. Allow your voice to shine through. The most important aspect of Obama’s speech was that it wasn’t a speech. It didn’t sound scripted or rehearsed. It was a topic that he believed in, and he wanted that to show by speaking his mind rather tha reading a script. When you write, let your voice shine through. Be consistent and recongisable.