What Makes a Press Release Successful

Image courtesy of bplanet/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Press releases are normally used for two purposes: to get earned media coverage or to build links as part of a search engine optimisation campaign. Of course, these two goals can work together and are often both the result of a good press release. But, to get these benefits your press releases need to include a few main elements.

All kinds of factors, like what is happening in the news, what bloggers are interested in covering, and what kind of industry you work in, play a factor in what you’ll need to do to write successful press releases. However, these general guidelines can be applied to most businesses and press releases.

A Newsworthy Story

Traditionally, press releases are used to share news with the media. In recent years, marketers have started using press releases to get blog coverage and build links for SEO purposes. But, regardless of why you are writing a press release, it needs to have a newsworthy angle.

This news could be something like the launch of a new product, a new office location, results of a recent study or a company and community event. People will be much more likely to cover your business or publish your press release when you include a newsworthy story.

A Clear Purpose and Niche

Successful press releases have a very clear purpose and are directed toward a niche audience. The news element of your release can give you some direction and can help you keep your story focused. Know who your audience is and include information that will be relevant to media outlets and the people you are reaching out to.

Press releases that seem scattered and are only written around keywords are not very successful. They don’t bring very much coverage or traffic and won’t help you build your brand.

Opportunities for Natural Links

Whether the press release is directly tied to your SEO efforts or not, you should still add links to it. Links will help you drive traffic to your site and will help increase your page rank. Make sure the links are natural and helpful and don’t force the use of keywords in ways that will lower the quality of the content.

A Boilerplate

The boilerplate is the last paragraph of your press release that usually includes your business name, a link to your website and a short description of what your business does. This is an opportunity to tell your audience who you are and communicate your main marketing message.

Boilerplates are usually used over and over on all of a company’s press releases and may even be used in other marketing tactics. Spend some time writing a boilerplate that describes your business well and has appropriate links and messaging.

Contact Information

All press releases need to include contact information. Include a link to your website and contact information for someone in your company that can provide more information if needed. Keep in mind that some publishers post the contact information on press releases and others use it for their own information but do not post it.

These guidelines will help you write press releases that help you get coverage, reach your market, boost your search rankings and even drive more traffic to your website.