What LinkedIn’s 200 Million Members Milestone Means for Your Business

Last week, LinkedIn announced that it has reached a major milestone: it now has 200 million members. The site, which is primarily used as a professional networking platform, has users around the world, including 11 million in the United Kingdom.

What draws users to LinkedIn? In short, the ability to post a resume and connect with other professionals. Other features, like job postings, brand career pages and groups, also contribute to the success of LinkedIn.

So what does this mean for your company? It means more and more of your market are likely using the website, which means it could be a new channel of communication for your digital marketing strategy.

Three Ways to Use LinkedIn to Reach Your Market

While LinkedIn isn’t usually one of the first social media sites that comes to mind when planning a campaign, the site’s recent announcement proves that there is a sizable audience on LinkedIn. Depending on what kind of business you have, this audience could prove extremely valuable.

Create Groups to Gather Feedback and Engage Stakeholders

LinkedIn groups are an excellent way to listen to your market and to help open the lines of communication between your company and its stakeholders. Whether these stakeholders are investors, employees, donors or volunteers, helping them feel valued by creating a group where they can share opinions and connect with each other and your brand can go a long way to help your other marketing efforts.

Connect Your Business Website and Blog to LinkedIn

Make sure your business has a profile on LinkedIn and encourage your employees to link to your website or blog from their profile. Word of mouth can be an extremely powerful tool, and if word gets around that a successful thought leader or community figure works at your company, your company’s reputation will likely benefit. When users browse LinkedIn, they are also, purposefully or not, gathering information about your company, so make profiles and company descriptions easy to find and make sure they reflect what your business is all about.

Team up With Influential People and Brands

Connecting with influential people in your industry or community can help sway a target market. If potential customers know someone they trust likes your brands or even uses your products, they will be more likely to become customers themselves. You can also connect with other brands and businesses, as long as they aren’t competing with your business. This can help raise awareness and help strengthen your industry or community standing.

LinkedIn’s growth is good news for businesses and brands. By using the site’s features you can reach your market, communicate with influential people and even gain new customers.