What Every Successful Marketing Email Has in Common

How exactly do you create a successful marketing email?

The most successful marketing emails all have a few things in common. The strategies and specific messaging and tactics you use in your emails should be designed for your business, but there are some elements every marketing email should have.

A catchy subject line.

Your email’s subject line is your foot in the door. If you fail to capture your market’s attention with the subject line, people won’t open your email and your email marketing plan won’t be a success.

Some ways to make subject lines more interesting include promising a benefit, adding a sense of urgency, offering a discount, making it short or asking a question. There are all kinds of things you can do to make your subject lines more catchy, and when you know what motivates your market, catching peoples’ attention will be easier.

Strong messaging.

Each email you send should include marketing messaging. The messaging you use will change depending on what your current goals are, but it should always be there. The whole idea behind sending marketing emails is to tell your market something, so make sure the message is clear and easy to understand.

Sometimes your messaging will be temporary, like when you are promoting a sale. Other times it will be more permanent, as you inform your market about your business and brand, for example.

A call to action.

Successful marketing emails always include a call to action. Again, this is something that may change periodically depending on your current strategy and goals. Some common calls to action include asking your market to buy something, connect on social media or visit your website.

Carefully consider your calls to action and make sure they will help you reach your goals. Also make sure calls to action are easy to follow. For example, if you ask your readers to subscribe to a weekly newsletter, include a clearly marked button they can click on to subscribe directly from their inbox.

A smart layout.

When your marketing emails are easy to read, your market will be more likely to read the entire email. You can accomplish this by breaking text up into smaller sections and using a visual layout that is appealing and makes your email stand out.

There are all kinds of email marketing systems you can use to design your email so that it matches your brand, is easy to read and guides the readers’ eye to important sections.

Elements like shapes, contrast, layout and colours are all important when it comes to creating a marketing email format that encompasses your brand and encourages your readers to respond to your calls to action.

Social media buttons.

If you use social media marketing, social media buttons are a vital part of your marketing email. Even if asking your market to connect with you on social media isn’t your call to action, include buttons that link to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media accounts.

When you include these buttons, readers who didn’t know that you use social media can easily find your accounts and people who are interested in becoming more connected and receiving more frequent updates from your business can connect with you through social media.

Create that successful marketing email yourself.

While it’s true that every company’s marketing emails will include different messaging, calls to action, branding and other elements, all of your emails should include these five basic features. Marketing emails that include these are more successful because they capture interest, encourage people to take action and can even help you build your audience.

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