What Content Marketing will Look Like in 2014

Content marketing is going to be big this year, and if your business wants to successfully use it you need to know what changes, updates and trends to watch for. Content marketing has been gaining popularity, and this year will see a few changes that will make it an even more valuable Internet marketing tool.

You Will Need to Dedicate Resources to Content Marketing

If content marketing hasn’t been a focus for your business, it’s time to change that. Since content marketing will become more powerful and a more necessary part of Internet marketing, you will need to dedicate resources to it. Some businesses are hiring content managers and most businesses will be investing more in content in general.

But, as we’ll talk about later in this post, the content you should be investing in is top-quality pieces. As you invest in this kind of content, you’ll see better benefits and your marketing will be more successful in general.

It Will be all About Responsive Design

According to Hana Abaza, director of marketing at Uberflip, businesses will need to embrace responsive design if they want to keep up with content marketing. People are accessing the Internet from smartphones and tablets more and more, and if your content isn’t easily accessed and read on these devices, it won’t be very effective.

We’ve all visited a website from our smartphone and found that it was too hard to navigate or that the type was so small that we couldn’t even read it, so we tapped the “back” button. Don’t let your audience do this when it visits your site. Provide a highly responsive design that makes it easy for people to use your site, no matter what kind of device they are using.

Link Earning Will be More Important than Link Building

Abaza also predicts that link earning will be more important than link building in 2014. She explains that companies will need to invest in high-quality content that takes into account the fact that search engines are now looking at context as they rank pages.

Search engines are more concerned with what peoples’ intents are as they search for terms and are choosing to focus less on just keywords. In-depth algorithms try to determine what a user wants when he types something into the search bar and will return higher-quality content.

Earning high rankings will be more about providing quality content that acts as a resource and benefits your audience. This year, the practice of creating content just to build links will start to become less important, as search engines are favouring high-quality content.

You Will Need to Find Ways to Stand Out

As more and more businesses recognise the value of content marketing, and create more content, you will need to find more ways to stand out. Getting creative and producing the best content possible will help you rise above the content marketing noise and reach your market.

High quality content will help you stand out, but you can also think outside the box and use different kinds of content, new channels and different messaging to get your market’s attention.

There’s no question that 2014 will be a big year for content marketing. Are you ready?