This Week’s Technology News Update

Siri’s Search Engine Update

Big changes in the Siri and iOS world this week, as Apple decides to ditch Bing in favour of Google for mobile. This technology news means if you ask Siri a question, or search something on iOS or Spotlight, Google will provide the answer. The move is supposed to make searching better and more efficient, to combat those frustrating moments where Siri doesn’t have the answer to your question. “Switching to Google as the web search provider for Siri, Search within iOS and Spotlight on Mac will allow these services to have a consistent web search experience with the default in Safari,” reads an Apple statement. This technology news is good news for businesses that are already succeeding with organic SEO for Google. More and more users will now be discovering their high ranking sites!

Twitter to Expand Character Count

Twitter has announced this week that it is going to be rolling out another update. The 140 character count is being doubled to 280, so if you struggle to fit everything you want to say into one Tweet, you’re in luck! As they usually do, the update will be tested with some users before they update everyone. This update has caused some controversy with those who think Twitter is for concise messages only. But, in response to this, Twitter has stated that this change is designed to help people express themselves more and to tackle the disparity in expression between Asian and English languages. No more bad grammar or cramming your thoughts into 140 characters from now on! With the initial testing that they’ve done, they’ve found that people are Tweeting more when allowed to write up to 280 characters.

What do you think? Perhaps 20 more characters, rather than doubling it, would allow people to write a more meaningful Tweet without allowing long chunks of texts on your Twitter feed.

Instagram Hits 2 Million Monthly Advertisers

Instagram has been breaking personal records constantly this year, with an announcement in March that they had 1 million advertisers. It’s no surprise, given the success and popularity of the platform, that they have just reached 2 million advertisers this month. That’s a huge amount of businesses who have bought ads on Instagram! There is now speculation that Instagram will soon overtake it’s parent company, Facebook, in terms of advertisers. That would be a huge milestone in the social media world, and really shows the impact that a good social media strategy on Instagram can have. Businesses can no longer put off having a social presence on Instagram.

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