Weekly News Round Up

The media has been in a frenzy this week after leaked pictures of a naked Prince Harry made their way online, as always, sharp social media marketers used the exposure and public interest to cause a little more stir. Innocent Smoothies leaked this “royal memo” on their Facebook page, and as usual, they got a fair few likes, comments and shares.

Nice work Innocent!

In other news, Twitter has begun the process of revoking access to their API in line with their plans to control the use of tweets; Tumblr and Instagram were the next in line to go. In response to the changes Tumblr has changed their friend discovery feature and removed Twitter from the mix. Tumblr have said they are “deeply disappointed” by Twitter’s decision.

Bing has added percentage change metrics to their webmaster tools, meaning that you can now see more advanced analytics between date ranges. Be sure to head over there to see the new changes.

If you’re a reluctant adopter of the digital notebook Evernote, you may be pleased to hear that they’ve declared a ceasefire on their war with paper and partnered with Moleskine to create a notebook with Evernote friendly stickers that will help put your content in the right note with just a snap of your camera.

Making your images available to anyone under the creative commons act is a great way to get traffic heading to your site by simply asking for a link back in return. You can now make your Instagram photos easily available using a new service called I Am CC. Although, be warned, it’s an all or nothing affair, once you opt in, all of your images will be available under CC licences.

And now, for some of the best SEO and SMM reading to keep you busy this bank holiday weekend.

In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, SEOMoz dish up four great tips for your mobile SEO strategy.

Wildfire published this great article about 7 things every marketing exec. should be doing on LinkedIn. Absolutely vital reading, bookmark this one for later.

Here are Six Twitter mistakes, and how to avoid them. This article has been done before (and to death) but it’s always great to keep checking if any new and unexpected mistakes have been added to the list.

And if you’d rather outsource your social media to a social media manager, here are 5 reasons to do so.

And finally, how to do social media on a budget, because we’re all feeling the squeeze.

Enjoy your bank holiday everyone!