Weekly News Round-Up

The Olympics is coming to a close, and it’s been a magnificent run for Team GB. Pegged as the World’s first ‘social’ Olympics, it certainly didn’t disappoint, as fans and athletes were brought closer than ever before. It was also a interesting time for marketers, as they had a captive Worldwide audience. Check out this great infographic about the evolution of Olympic coverage.

The End of the ‘Fan’

In social media news this week, CEO of Wildfire has hailed the end of the Facebook ‘Fan’. She argues that marketers lack the information required to really understand their fans through social media, so we’re no better off than we were two years ago before the dawn of the social media ‘fan’.

While I agree with her to an extent, her argument lies on the basis that marketers have to adapt to their fans every whim. Some companies are able to ‘come into their own’ on social media and develop a brand and voice that attracts fans, who may not have been fans before. Marketers cannot speak to every single fan on a one-on-one basis using social media, so the best thing to do is to develop a brand and promote a lifestyle that attracts the right people. Check out her article here and let us know what you think below.

Commitment & Social Media

Wild Frog Studio have tackled a difficult subject in their blog; how does a company stay committed to their social media? They discuss ways you can stay on track with your social media strategy, and how to take advantage of the power of social search as more and more users are turning to social media to find information. This means businesses now have to come up with the goods and provide great content if they want to stay relevant.

Facebook Optimisation

Track social look at ways you can optimise your content for the best possible level of engagement. The key take away points? Keep it short, and use images where you can. Companies should also look to posting when their audience is listening, and not restrict their interaction to office hours. This doesn’t mean you have to stay up late posting pictures of cats, there are great scheduling services available to help.

Facebook 80% Bots Claim

Remember the start-up that claimed 80% of their advertising clicks on Facebook were coming from a bot? Well, Search Engine Watch has done the legwork and examined their claims in more detail. They assure us that we shouldn’t panic just yet, and attempt to clear up some of the claims made by Limited Run.

Mobile App Engagement

If you’re currently dabbling in mobile apps, which is fast become a huge market, then you might be wondering how best to engage your target audience. Search Engine Watch once again clears up the confusion with these top tips. As always, keeping things social is vital to success.

Testing Linkbuilding

And finally, SEOMoz shares these great tips for testing if your link building strategy is working. All you need is Google Analytics, pivot tables, and a spare 20 minutes. The result will be an awesome table, like this: