Weekly News Round-Up #42

Social Media News

If you’ve been on LinkedIn recently you may have noticed that you have a fresh look profile. CEO Jeff Weiner described the revamp as “one of the biggest changes to a LinkedIn pillar product in the company’s history.” Users will also have access to a wealth of new features and tools to help make your networking experience more like a social sharing network.

The Internet was buzzing this week with the excitement of a new meme, as Mitt Romney’s ill-worded gaffe about “binders full of women” went viral. In the 12 hours after the debate was broadcast there was already a tumblr page, a twitter account, and countless memes circulating.

Social Media Marketing

According to the big guns, luxury brands should be embracing social media and seeking out brand advocates. We’ve already seen how successful brands like Burberry and Prada have been in the content marketing strategy; remember “Prada: A Therapy”, the short film directed by Roman Polanski? The social media lead for Mercedes said that luxury brands should leverage their unique position to make the most of social platforms.

In a survey, 62.82% of digital marketers said that they don’t incorporate paid advertising into their social media efforts. It’s been a long-standing opinion that social media marketing should be a free outlet; but how much longer can this be sustained?

In this article, Yuchun Lee argues that not all Facebook fans are created equal, and brands should not be looking at the quantity, but at the quality of their fans. Social media marketing efforts will be best spent in identifying and cultivating brand advocates, rather than engaging in shallow interaction with the masses.

SEO: How To

Here are 10 very simple ways you can make Google+ work for you and your SEO efforts. So even if you use Facebook and Twitter more often, Google+ is equipped with so many SEO enabled features that you’d be a fool to ignore them.

For this weeks Whiteboard Friday, SEOMoz talk about the future of SEO, and how to get it right in the rest of 2012 and beyond. They’ll take you through thr process of re-learning the rules of SEO, and ‘un-learning’ old school habits.

Staring at your analytics dashboard and wondering how to make head or tail of it? You’re not alone; which is why Search Engine Land have come up with these 1- ways you can make your data from analytics more insightful.

SEO: News

Here’s another round-up of the weekly SEO news, including an overview of a recent interview with Google’s Matt Cutts on the future of authorship, +1 reports, and SEO. Well worth a read if you’e looking for a very quick recap.