Weekly News Round Up #41

Here’s a quick curated list of the social media and search engine optimisation news and articles you may have missed this week.

Social Media

The JQuery masonry style is still reigning supreme in the web design world, and it’s still being incorrectly dubbed the property of Pinterest. eBay is the latest to hop aboard the bandwagon and announce the launch of “feed”. Feed is intended to provide a curated list of items that may interest the visitor based on browsing history, and present them in a pinterest-style layout. This isn’t the only revamp they’ve undergone recently, as they launched a new logo in the not too distant past.

New studies suggest that the increased use of mobile could topple some of the big players in social networking. The big players of today could be outpaced by some of the more agile and mobile friendly networks, as more and more consumers switch to tablet and mobile usage for social media consumption.

Social Media Marketing

If you’re running a competition on social media to get the ball rolling, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is keeping the conversation alive after you’ve announced the winners. Follow these 5 steps to making sure you reach the right people, and that you’re saying the right things to make them stick around, even if they don’t win.

Since buffer and tweetcaster joined forces, life has been remarkably easier for marketing managers, check out these top tips for making it work for your business.

SEOMoz shared these 5 Facebook marketing resources that you may have missed. Make sure you check out the section about Facebook Studio, as this really is a resource that all marketers need to know about.

SEO News

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve always just used Google instead of any other search engine, this article looks at how Google has managed to capture the hearts and minds of the UK’s population. Looking at the past successes is a good indicator way to predict their future

SEO – How To

Once again, people are back to mulling over the theory that SEO might die some day soon – and this time it’s in infographic form. By looking at all the reasons people are claiming it’s the end of SEO as we know it (which the article claims is usually a bid to boost their reputation), this infographic dispels any myths that SEO is on its way out.

What’s the link between SEO content and feather boas? Read this great article about common mistakes made in SEO content to find out!

And if you’re thinking local at the moment, why not check out these 5 link building tactics to improve your local search standing in light of the Venice update.