Weekly News Round Up #40

After the fake, duplicate and hacked account cull of last week, those marketing managers who saw their Fan counters fall on Facebook have been left nursing their egos and wondering how they’ll boost the numbers. But word on the street at the IABMIXX conference is that Likes aren’t everything and marketers should be chasing interaction over clicks. While advertising is a great way to grow your audience on Facebook, you should be focussing on striking up a conversation of those people who buy your products without clicking your ads. Looking at Nestle as an example, Brad Smallwood explains how brands can maximise ROI in this brilliant article.

This week we finally said goodbye to Ping, as Apple finally pulled the plug. It would be a stretch to say that Apple’s misguided attempt at social networking would be missed, as so few were keen to mix their music collection with their social networking. Onward to better things, we hope!

As one relic dies, another rises from the ashes, as the new look Myspace was launched. All dressed up like Pinterest and with nowhere to go. In this article Brandy Martin looks at where Myspace went wrong the first time round.

FourSquare is being tapped as the one to beat when it comes to ‘local’ interaction. Since they’ve hired a new chief revenue officer, FourSquare is on a mission to start making some serious money. By partnering with big brands, such as American Express, FourSquare plans to tap in to the discount and savings field that makes the social site so popular.

Google is “winding down” a few of their features in an attempt to spruce up the place and focus their energy on new technology. Check out this blog post to see if any of the changes will affect you.

And finally, some essential SEO and SMM marketing reading for the weekend. Bookmark now and read later!

Is Twitter giving you a headache? Managing all of those conversations and interactions can be a nightmare. Thankfully, the Social Media Examiner has come up with this spiffy little guide for better managing your Twiter relationships.

And if you’re struggling to be heard on Facebook, they also have some great tips for increasing your EdgeRank and improve your Facebook exposure. If you feel like you’re in a Catch 22 situation where interaction is the only way to boost interaction, then this article should be able to offer some solutions.

We’re heard of influence marketing, but what about persuasion optimisation? This is the act of optimising your pages to reduce bounce rates and encourage users to stay on your site and respond to your call to action.

And finally, this article is worth a read every now and then, just to make sure you’re not missing anything vital. Genuine SEO looks at overlooked areas of SEO and how you can address them.

Have a lovely weekend!