Weekly News Round-Up

Spring is finally here! Don’t spend all day staring at your computer screen; get your quick news fix here and then get out and enjoy the sunshine.

There’s a lot of buzz around Google’s plans to alter its algorithms to allow for semantic search; which would return search results based on the intent and meaning of your search terms rather than just keyword relevancy.

  • Google also has plans to penalize websites which are overly optimised, which TekGoblin were kind enough to cover this angle for us here.

Looking for a way to use Instagram for business purposes (other than taking vintage style snaps of your coffee mug) Look no further, TechCrunch has shared this brilliant little article which will help you do just that.

Pinterest has finally listened to our concerns and taken the steps to update their terms of service.

And finally, there’s a huge stir this week surrounding some rather dubious HR hiring practicies after individials were asked to hand over their Facebook passwords in job interviews. Facebook has reponded by saying they could take legal action against any businesses guilty of such practice as it’s against Facebook users’ terms of service.