Weekly News Round Up #37

The big news this week was the grand revealing of the iPhone 5 – for those of you who were less than impressed with the new features on display, or for those who just aren’t taken in by all of the hype, this video from Jimmy Kimmel’s show is likely to be a huge hit.

In other Apple news, they’ve finally killed off Ping and warmly welcomed Facebook into the family. As of 30th Septemeber, Ping will no longer be available and they’ve stopped accepting new members. The network was intended to blend music with social chatter, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Not to worry though, as they’ve taken Facebook on board with the new iOS, which will see Facebook integrated deep within the operating system.

A survey by small business forum Manta revealed that Facebook is no longer exclusively for personal use. 90% of the 600 small businesses surveyed are now using Facebook for networking and building their reach.

Google has been making lots of additions and improvements to its search engine recently, but the one I’m most excited about is the addition of Bacon. Kevin Bacon that is. The Google engineers have now built 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon into Google search. To find out the Bacon number of an actor type: “Bacon number…” followed by the name of the actor. (My personal Bacon number is 3… YEAH!)

If you have a Pinterest account, you may want to be aware of a Spammer hack that is currently affecting the site. Spammers are using Pinterest as a back door into Facebook and Twitter. You’ll know if you’ve been hit because “omg this is so cool…” will suddenly be cropping up in your Twitter feed.

And now, for the best social media marketing news of the week:

Getting the best response out of your audience can feel like a delicate balance. This new infographic aims to make it less of a headache by telling you when and where to post. Amazing!

If you’ve ever been in a marketing strategy meeting and anyone has uttered the phrase “let’s make a viral video…!” then this article was written with you in mind. In this interview the senior VP of content strategy and partnerships discusses how and why you should be doing content marketing.

And finally, once you’ve produced that content, this article outlines how to command attention with it on Facebook. This one is worth bookmarking for reference.