Weekly News Round Up #36

This week has been an absolute gold mine of amazing content, I don’t know how I’m going to get through it all, but I’ll certainly give it a go. Starting with…

SEOMoz’s incredible guide to content planning; from the early research stages through keyword analysis, right up to content creation, this guide has it all! Whether you publish daily blog posts, or only publish white papers once a year, this is an absolute must read. They also make reference to the content matrix shown below, which I refer to on a daily basis.

This infographic highlights the rational and emotional spectrum of social media marketing; which is precisely what this article by the Social Media Examiner also explores. If you want a quick crash course in behavioural science and social media marketing, look no further; this post is jammed with interviews, audio clips and snippets of advice for integrating behaviour into your planning and strategy,

You may have noticed some changes with Google recently. They’re now testing out the search options above listings rather than alongside them. This is certainly good news for tablet and mobile users as it presents the SERP in a more linear fashion. What do you think of this change?

If you’ve experienced a sudden fall in traffic recently you may want to refer to this guide by Search Engine Watch. They look at 6 common areas which may have caused your traffic to plummet. They suggest everything from problems with your analytics tracking to negative SEO; be sure to check it out if your traffic is looking a little lower than usual.

Running a Facebook contest soon? Make sure you check out these common Facebook contest mistakes before you do. And if you want more information about Facebook rules, check out this post we published not too long ago.

If you’re using LinkedIn for marketing purposes you may want to aquaint yourself with these changes to pages to make sure you’re making the most of the changes. The redesign looks incredible, it should be interesting to see what businesses can do with it.

There’s more news on Twitter’s API crack down which has hit many of the most popular social media networks. Techcrunch is now suggesting that this move will be very bad for users, even if the users don’t notice the changes.