Weekly News Round Up

The Oscars happened this week, which means the rest of the world ceased to exist for one whole night as we turned out attention to the more worthy beings on this planet. To keep you up to date and in coversation loops, I’ve trawled through over 2000 stories on my Google reader to bring you a round up of this week’s news.

Speaking of the Oscars- Poor Angie has been mocked in a most cruel fashion and has spawned a whole host of Internet meme’s. Her perfect pins have been talked about far and wide; from Mashable to Hellogiggles. We’re just jealous. Really.

Here’s what else you may have missed in the big old Internet world…

Mobify, a Candian company, has launched a tablet optimisation tool which aims to improve the user experience when your website is viewed on a tablet.

And this is a big deal, since the world is now eagerly anticipating the launch of the iPad 3, which is rumoured to be happening next wednesday. Invitations to journalists said: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” Oooo-Eer!

Continuing with the fruity technology theme, from apples to… Raspberrys. The world’s cheapest computer has been launched at only £22. The Raspberry pi (pi, not pie) has been designed to get kids coding.

Windows has launched a public preview of Windows 8; it looks much like its smartphone equivalent and is clearly designed the tablet computing in mind.

Facebook launched Timeline for brands; Coca-cola, Ben & Jerry’s,Manchester United and Coldplay are amongst the early adopters. Readwriteweb have complied this article of company reactions to the changes.

More next week! Enjoy your weekend.