Weekly News Round-Up

In the run up to Valentine’s Day we’re far more concerned with proving our love, or proving we love being single. So if you missed it, here’s a quick round up of the SEO, SMM and general webby news from the past week.

Anonymous strike again, with an attack on the CIA website. This follows the recent release of documents from the trial of a US marine.

There are rumours circulating that Google is planning some sort of home entertainment system which utilizes cloud technology. This could change the way we watch TV.

Mashable released this great article about boosting your SEO using Google+

Nicolas Sarkozy is on Facebook, and has filled out his Timeline.  So, is the Timeline just another Facebook change that eventually stop complaining about and learn to love? More on that next week…

Perez Hilton has launched a petition to allow the Muppets to perform at the Oscars, using Twitter to gain over 33,000 signatures so far.

One disgruntled (and tech-savvy) father in the US posted a video on YouTube of his reaction to his daughter’s Facebook wall post. That’s your laptop, this is my gun. And that’s some great parenting.

And my viral video prediction of the week: Ecotricity  produced this adorable video of animated cooling towers tumbling to their death. Encouraging people to dump the ’big 6’; they’ve got over 850,000 hits on YouTube so far.