Weekly News – 26th May

The Farcebook fiasco has been dominating headlines over the past week – at the moment the stock price stands at 33.03 which is up 1.03‎ (3.22%‎) which shows an improvement over the drastic plummet we saw following the IPO. As more and more information seeps to the surface, the consequences for Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, and the investment banks involved in the IPO are looking bleak as the case is now under scrutiny by Senate lawmakers. Some are predicting the slow decline of Facebook as ad revenue dwindles.

In a bizarre and unexpected move, Facebook released a camera app this week, leaving many wondering why they forked out all that money for Instagram. The app was developed independently of the Instagram team, leaving many questioning if they’re hoping to replace Instgram, or simply see what options are available for a Facebook integrated camera app.

Google has received an unprecedented number of requests to remove URL’s which contain material which infringes on copyright law. More requests were made last week than in the entirety of 2009. In Google’s Transparency Report, we can see that in the past month there have been over 1.2 million URLs requested to be removed from over 24,000 websites.

Stephen Fry used his Twitter superpowers for good (yet again!) yesterday as he helped to drive The Big Tweet for missing children or organised by @missingpeople This further highlights the way technology has changed the world around us, even down to the way search for missing people – gone are the days of faces on milk cartons (although, I don’t think we ever did this in the UK – but Mashable wrote a very good article about it, so I’m going to use the phrase.)

Weeks after the launch of Google Penguin, the Wall Street Journal is looking at the ways the changes to the search algorithm have hurt small businesses. Although not guilty of keyword stuffing, they’re not active in content generation, meaning being present is no longer enough, you have to speak up too.

And finally, were you getting tired of seeing Zooey Deschanel try to order tomato soup? Apple has released their latest Siri advert with the wonderful John Malkovich pondering the meaning of life. John and Siri – a perfect match, wouldn’t you say?