Website Marketing London

Website Marketing London

Website marketing strategies that give your business a competitive advantage.

On visiting your website, what reaction do your visitors have? Be honest. Are they impressed, confused or simply displeased with the overall user experience? As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to present your products in the best light. Preferably, that’s a light that leads to multiple conversions. For the best website marketing London, we use industry-leading technology, you can now track online activity, monitor engagement and pinpoint moments of uncertainty.

Google Analytics gives you some of this information, free of charge. Our website marketing London service takes that data one step further. We can tell you exactly who has been on your site. We’ll track behaviour and rank your prospects in order of conversion probability.

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How does this website marketing strategy work?

As a dominant website marketing London agency, we didn’t get to rank on the first page of Google without picking up a few tricks along the way. Our website marketing strategies are proven to achieve first page rankings and convert like crazy. Marketing is all about data. Without it, there is no way of moving your business forward. The key difference between our marketing agency and others in the business is knowledge. We monitor your website using industry-leading tools. That’s everything from link clicks and conversions, through to activity on individual pages. We know exactly where people click, how often and what tempts them to hit that ‘buy now’ button.

Measuring and refining website marketing for maximum ROI.

For clients participating in long-term internet marketing campaigns, we’ll monitor rankings as well as results. We have access to multiple rank tracking tools giving you accurate data on how your rankings are progressing. We monitor these tools daily to identify any trends or positive movements in your rankings. We aim for the very best which means position one rankings. Our dedicated approach to the progression of your campaign gives you the best chance of success. As 90% of all clicks go to first page results, this is a pretty important metric to track.

When it comes to website performance we use Google Analytics to track all actions on your website. But for more niche activity, we utilise alternative tracking tools such as HotJar and Search Console.

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Hotjar for website marketing london

Hot Jar is a heatmap service that gives us access to every move visitors take on a specific web page. Do they read your content? Or are they bouncing off before making a conversion? This specific data will inform your website marketing strategy moving forward. Search Console is a clever tool that marketers use to identify opportunities to progress a campaign. What keywords are people using to find your website? You may be ranking for keywords or phrases you didn’t even consider. We’ll identify them and, where possible, include them in your monthly strategy.

We also provide monthly reports including all of the above opportunities. Here we highlight any areas that have been particularly successful. If you have an SEO London campaign with us that may be a shock uplift in rankings. Or you may have experienced an increase in organic traffic for a competitive term. Without these reports, it all comes down to guess work. There is no chance that anyone can know everything about their business. It takes months of planning and preparing strategies that convert online searchers into sales.

Why choose our website marketing London agency?

Many businesses consider their site to be a brochure. It’s not. Your website is an effective sales funnel that holds the power to skyrocket your visit-to-lead conversion rate. Our website marketing London company will collect all data and put actions into place to improve your conversion rate.

We can optimise your sales funnel to target specific users who are likely to convert. For example, users who bounce off your site when filling in a form are still considered hot prospects. We’ll take that data and retarget them with adverts through AdWords and social media marketing. This subtle reminder may be all it takes to prompt a conversion. Typically, people need to see your brand seven times before making a serious purchase decision. It’s about brand awareness and, above all, trust in your company.

If you are looking for a website marketing London business that will go above and beyond to get results, you’re in the right place. At Bigfoot Digital, we are well-known for our friendly, honest approach to marketing. We don’t hold back, so if we know something, you will too. Complete transparency with our clients is what sets us apart from the competition. We share everything with you – what’s going great, and what we’re looking to improve the following month. There are no sugar-coating results; data speaks for itself.

If you are interested in working with Bigfoot Digital, please get in touch on 01226 720 755. Alternatively, drop us a message at – we’d love to help you grow your business online.