Website Design Birmingham

Website Design Birmingham

Our website design Birmingham team can create a flawless space for your business online. 

As a business, imagine life without a website. For one, you’ll not exist in the digital world, not to mention you’ll be missing out on a ton of sales.

Your target market exists in abundance online, so it makes sense to follow them there. Our website design Birmingham team is incredibly skilled at creating bespoke websites for our clients, making sure they’re easy to use and responsive on multiple devices.  There are so many factors to consider when designing a website. It’s not just the easy to use interface and the eye-catching imagery, but it’s also crucial to bear in mind some SEO basics too. We’ve got it covered, so you don’t have to worry. Hit the “Quick Enquiry” button for a quote:

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What can you expect from our website design Birmingham services?

As well as a complete professional service, you’ll also get some of the most talented web developers around working on your site. If that’s not enough to spark your interest, then we’re not sure what is! Here are just some of the things you can expect from us.

Beautiful website design.

Whether it’s a simple brochure website you’re after or a fully functioning ecommerce site, our designers have got it covered. We can create a website that looks impressive and just feels right to a user. The easier a customer can find what they’re looking for, the more likely it is that they will make a purchase. Responsiveness combined with an aesthetically pleasing interface is the recipe for success.

A secure platform.

Here’s how it works. Google takes a look at websites and decides which ones are safe for a user and which ones aren’t. If your site isn’t safe, it’ll take a hit. It might even be penalised enough for it to be taken out of search results entirely! To ensure this doesn’t happen, all of our client’s websites have an up to date SSL certificate which not only shows a customer that the site is safe to browse, but it also shows Google that you’re reputable and trustworthy.

We work with WordPress.

Our favourite CMS to work with has to be WordPress – it’s one of the most powerful platforms around. With WordPress, we can be as creative as we like and ensure every page is on brand. We can work to strict requirements of our clients and we’ll never finish a job without making sure you’re 100% happy with what we’ve put together for you.

Fully optimised site.

If we didn’t do our best to optimise your website’s content when putting it together, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs properly! A new website needs basic SEO tactics in place to make sure it gets noticed in a search engine. Our team of internet marketing experts fully optimise on-page content and images for search. Not only that, but we have professional content writers in-house to write compelling copy, just for you.

If you have a website already, punch your details into the fields below for a detailed site audit. It’s completely free!

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Social media integration.

Social media marketing now plays an important part in any online marketing campaign. Linking your website to your social media accounts through social sharing buttons on your blog posts, products or service pages is standard practice, as well as having links to your profiles on-site to encourage new followers. Encouraging your followers to share your content is also a great way to gain a business boost.

Why choose Bigfoot Digital’s website design Birmingham team?

Our team are the best. Well, we would say that, wouldn’t we? However, we totally believe that whatever you need to get out of a website, our web development team can go above and beyond to make it a reality. Here are just some of the ways we wow our clients.

We’re professionals.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’re confident we can deliver a bespoke website for your business. We know how to draw in your audience and we know the tricks that will keep them on your site long enough to make a purchase. Each of our teams work closely together to give you an end result you’re proud to call your own.

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We talk to you!

Surprisingly, a lot of agencies out there don’t believe communication is too important. You know, a couple of phone calls here and there will do the trick, right? Actually, to really understand our clients and the business they provide is something we prioritise. We get to know you through face to face meetings as well as keep in regular contact throughout your campaign. We’ll even provide the tea and biscuits!

Monthly reporting.

Each month, we’ll send out a report which details our progress and what we’ve been up to. In each report, we’ll explain why you’re seeing the results you’re seeing. We always believe in keeping clients in the loop. After all, we’re helping you to grow! If you have any questions about your report, our friendly team will be more than happy to go through it with you.

Get the best website design Birmingham services from Bigfoot Digital.

We believe in an honest approach to marketing. You know what you get from us, no strings attached. We love what we do and by bringing our clients the best service possible, we’ve built up a fabulous reputation for some of the greatest digital marketing services around.

If you know you’re ready to take the leap into the creation of a stunning website, or you’re still feeling a little stumped with the idea of it all, you’ve come to the right place. Our friendly team of web developers are here to fill you in with the details and explain our process to you. Get in touch with us today by phone or drop us an email to We’ve secured top ranking positions for some of the most popular key terms in our industry. Let’s work together to do this for you too – we look forward to receiving your enquiry!