Why Your Website is Boring Your Visitors

Image courtesy of graur codrin/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

You’ve launched a beautiful website and are starting to drive traffic to it, but aren’t reaching the numbers you want or your visitors leave quickly and you have high bounce rates. What’s the problem?

Many businesses spend a lot of time and resources on a website only to feel that it’s not performing very well. Your website is your online storefront and is absolutely essential to your online presence. Making sure your site helps you sell products, engage with your market and reach your other marketing goals is important.

It’s not Professionally Designed

If your website doesn’t look professional your market won’t take you seriously. A website that isn’t organised, is hard to navigate and that isn’t visually interesting doesn’t speak well of your business and will drive visitors away. Make sure your site looks current and is visually interesting by using images, shapes, buttons and boxes.

By the same token, don’t overcrowd your site with so many colours, images and pieces of information that it overwhelms your users. Find a good balance that attracts visitors and looks clean.

You Don’t Provide the Right Information

Many of your visitors come to your site looking for specific information. Try to find out what that is and then make sure it is easy to find. Some common reasons people might visit your site include to find product information, buy a service, contact your business or compare products.

You can do some market research to find out what you audience wants and then make sure you meet those needs with your site’s design and layout.

It’s too Copy Heavy

Sites that bombard visitors with paragraphs upon paragraphs of copy are overwhelming and quite frankly, boring. Break up text with images and make sure your site’s copy is tight and readable. You can also use bullets, boxes, buttons and design elements to make your site more readable and the text easier to digest.

If you can, spread copy out on different pages so that users can navigate to the information they need without having to dig through lots of text they aren’t interested in.

There isn’t much to Interact with

If there isn’t much people can do on your site or if there isn’t a way for them to interact, they will leave. This goes hand-in-hand with providing the right information. When your website makes it easy for people to interact with you and respond to your calls to action, they will.

For example, if people come to your site to find more information about your products and then make a purchase, make that process as simple as possible. Other ways to encourage interaction include offering free resources, linking to your social media profiles, allowing comments on your blog and making your contact information easy to find.

Nothing Ever Changes

Keep your website interesting by changing it once in a while. You don’t need to drastically change the design or even redo the copy frequently, but find some element that you can change or update on a regular basis to keep people coming back.

Some easy ways to do this include blogging, highlighting products, posting news releases, promoting sales on the homepage, offering different free resources or highlighting different how-to guides.

A boring website won’t benefit your business and can actually hold you back from making more sales and growing your audience. Use these tips to find ways to recharge your website and make it something new and interesting that will help your business succeed.