Website and Blog Stats You Should Pay Attention To

With all the talk about how important website and blog analytic are, trying to figure out what all the numbers and terms mean can be overwhelming. Most statistics relating to the success of your website are important, but there a few basic measurements that are fundamental to understand how your site performs and how you can improve upon it.

Traffic Numbers

The most basic website statistic is traffic amounts. This refers to the number of visitors that come to your website. It can be very useful to track traffic numbers over time to see how well your site does as it grows and attracts a larger audience.

Things like new marketing campaigns, social media efforts and successful blog posts can influence your traffic numbers. If you take note of which efforts seem to boost your traffic, you can market your site more successfully by focusing on the tactics that move the numbers.

Bounce Rates

Bounce rate refers to the number of people who visit a page on your site and then immediately leave it, without exploring the other pages on your site. A high bounce rate on a specific page can mean that visitors aren’t able to find what they are looking for on your site or that the page lacks a clear call to action.

High bounce rates are not uncommon on blog post pages. Often readers visit your site or blog to read a specific article, and once they have done that, they leave your website.

Exit Rate

The exit rate is very similar to the bounce rate. The exit rate is a measurement of how many visitors leave your website from a specific page, even though they may have already explored other pages on your site. This statistic is important because it can tell you where readers lose interest or where they successfully find the information they need. It can be hard to understand why people leave your site, but analyzing pages with a high exit rate can give you some insight into why they leave.

Time Spent on Site

Knowing how much time your readers spend on your site can give you an idea of how compelling your content is and how effective your site is. The time people spend on your site will depend on which pages they are viewing and why they are there. It will also depend on what your want your readers to do on your website. Sometimes, increasing the amount of time someone spends on your site will increase the likelihood that he or she will respond to a call to action.

Traffic Referrers

Traffic referrers, or the websites that send people to your website are very important to marketing campaigns. Traffic referrers can be other websites, blogs, forums, social media accounts, press releases or any other website that includes a link to your website. Knowing which sites tend to send more traffic to your website or blog can help you increase your overall traffic numbers.

These statistics can help you better understand how your site is improving and what you can do to help it grow even more. There are analytic software packages available that can give you even more detailed information about you site’s performance, but free options, like Google Analytics, can also help you track your site’s numbers. As you develop your site and blog, watch these numbers and find ways you can improve your marketing strategy.