Ways to refresh your blog in 2012

Blogs are great, aren’t they? There must be something special about them as there were over 156 million blogs active at the end of 2011. They’re perfect for companies, as they can create authentic channels of communication with your target audience. A blog also adds bulk to your website, it’s horrible to admit, but think of all those juicy keywords that crop up in your blog. So the challenge is: entice people with your keywords, and then keep them around with your content.

Keeping your blog content fresh and current is possibly one of the hardest aspects of running a blog; even harder than deciding if that comment you have to approve is genuine or spam—“I like this resource, keep posting in this way.”—It sounds like a compliment, but that dubious link attached to it makes me think otherwise. Having an up-to-date and current blog is vital for any web company, particularly the internet marketing kind. It gives you a chance to show off you skills to prospective clients, and demonstrate to your current clients that they’re in safe hands.

Regurgitating news stories from Mashable and posting interesting Infographics can only take you so far, so here are the top 10 tips for refreshing your blog content in 2012. Starting with…

  1. Make top ten lists. They’re much easier to digest than a 14 page document, single spaced with no paragraph breaks. Make lists about anything which is relevant, and try to tie it in with current events. “10 things we can learn about Chris Brown’s PR nightmare.” Or “5 things the Superbowl taught us about social media.”
  2. Write a how to guide. You won’t realise how much you know about a subject until you start teaching it to someone else. A post like this can show your clients that you really know your stuff. It also helps you on your way to become a valuable resource as you’re contributing, rather than just rehashing old content.
  3. Take inspiration from your keywords. How do people find you? Take direction from these keywords and give your audience what they want. If they’re looking for social media advice, give them social media advice, but remember…
  4. Don’t give away all your secrets. Be sure that your content isn’t giving away too many of your trade secrets. There’s a fine line between ‘top tips for SEO’, and ‘The complete guide to SEO’.
  5. Explore guest blogging. Submit your articles to other blogs, and encourage others to submit articles to yours. This can be a great link building exercise.
  6. Blog about your clients. Don’t feel that you’re limited to just blogging about your own products and services, write about your clients too. If you’re trying something new and exciting with their social media profile, what better way to promote this than with a well time blog post?
  7. Look at your existing content. Look back into your archives, and see if there is anything which you could build on, respond to, or develop in some way.
  8. Create a news story round up. You already read a variety of news sources, so condense it all into one tidy little blog post which gives a round up of your industry news for your readers’ convenience.
  9. Interview someone in your field about their job. Not only is this a great networking opportunity, it can be an amazing resource for people trying to break into your field. The brightest graduates are researching your company and scanning your blog on a daily basis. This can be a great way to get their attention and snap up the best talent.
  10. Just have some fun. Not all blog posts have to be serious and to the point. Post a cartoon, a funny video, something related to a holiday or event, or maybe even a funny meme….