Vine’s New Loop Count makes Measuring Easier

Vine has announced that it will now display the loop count, or the number of times a video has been played, for each of its videos. The count will appear on the mobile apps and on the web version of Vine, so viewers can see how popular a video is and businesses can more easily measure results.

The New Feature

The number appears just above a video, in the right-hand corner. It will be updated live as the video is looped so it provides a very up-to-date glimpse at how much a video is being watched.

It’s important to keep in mind though that the loop count only shows how many times a video has been played, not how many unique views it has. For example, if a person watches your video three times, the loop number could be larger than the actual number of people who have watched it.

This statistic is still very important though, as it can still help businesses understand how popular their videos are and give them a basic understanding of the size of the audience they are reaching with each video.

As you upload videos to Vine, track the loop count to see how they gain in popularity and what kinds of videos your audience reacts to.

Vine also announced an update to the activity feed and introduced notifications that tell you when your video has reached certain milestones, like 100 “likes” for example.

Tips for Using Vine for Business

Vine is a great way to reach your market and promote your business with visual effects. Use it like you would other social networks, by building an audience and posting to it frequently. Choose strategically what you want share so that your posts will help you reach your goals.

Demonstrate Products in Action

Vine is the perfect way to give a short, visual demonstration of your products or services in action. It allows you to show people how to use your product and lets them visualise what it will be like to use it themselves.

You can also crowdsource and ask your social media followers to submit Vines of them using your products.

Show off Your Value

Take it to the next level and use Vine videos to show the results of what your products can do. Showing before and after images, how your products solve a problem and any other value you provide through Vine is a great, visual way to communicate with your market.

Promote an Event or Location

With Vine you can give people an inside look at an event or a behind-the-scenes glimpse of one of your locations. You can show your employees, customers or guests doing things, giving people a taste of the action.

Vine’s new loop count will make it easier for you to measure your Vine efforts as you use these, and other marketing strategies, to promote your business and increase sales. If you haven’t started using Vine, look for ways video can enhance your social media marketing and then use the site strategically.