What Videos can do that no Other Kind of Content Can

Image courtesy of David King/Flickr.

Videos can bring something new, fresh and powerful to your Internet and content marketing plan. There are some things videos can do that no other kind of content can and marketing videos can bring a lot of perks you can’t get any other way.

Draw on Emotion

There’s something about a combination of images, music and video that makes it easier to draw on people’s emotions. The right kind of video can make your market feel excited, happy, inspired or touched, which can help you send your message.

Inspiring emotion in people can lead to all kinds of results, from increased sales to better brand recognition. Videos are one of the most powerful ways to play on emotion in any online marketing campaign.

Tell a Story Quickly

Videos can also help you tell a story in a quick, effective way. Blog posts, online articles, pictures and infographics can also help you tell a story, but these tactics don’t allow for much visual depth and can’t convey information as quickly as a video can.

Use videos to tell your brand’s story, highlight success stories, illustrate case studies or convey any other narrative that will bolster your marketing efforts.

Make more Sales

According to DigitalSherpa, people who visit a retail website are 64 percent more likely to buy a product. This may be due to the fact that videos let people see products in action, let businesses explain features in a simple way and make their content more engaging.

If you sell products on your website, using videos is essential. Simply posting videos about your popular products, products people often ask questions about or new products you want to promote can help you encourage customers and make more sales.

Stand out on Social Media

Social media is full of links, status updates and a seemingly endless stream of photos. Break through all the noise with a video. Videos on social media stand out and are a refreshing break. They can capture people’s attention so they will stop scrolling through their news feed and see what you have to say.

Some videos can be so creative and so effective that they get shared across social media, helping you reach a wider audience and establishing your voice and brand on social media.

Give your Market a New View

In many cases, videos give you a whole new level of creativity. Use sound, images, action shots, demonstrations and editing to tell a story and give your market a new view.

Using creative videos to launch a product, let people participate in a conference via the Internet, show people your new headquarters or hear from your employees gives you more leverage when it comes to marketing strategies.

Creating videos gives you access to creative tools that no other kind of content creation does. You can use these techniques to help you reach your market and give people a new view of your business or products.

Video marketing is always growing and if your business wants to stay up to date with current Internet and marketing trends, you need to use videos to creatively reach your market. As you start adding them to your strategies, you’ll find that you can do more and could even experience benefits you can’t get from other kinds of content.