Video Production


Video is arguably the most valuable form of content for any new or existing online marketing campaign with aims to boost audience engagement and brand awareness. As the most engaging and captivating form of content, video is proven to dramatically improve purchase intent and brand association by eliciting emotional responses and connecting with your consumers on another level. There is huge value in employing online video from both a social media and SEO perspective as well as improving brand affinity. Videos bring additional shareability to your content as well as helping you to gain trust from your customers via a visual and professional representation of you and your brand.
Video marketing to us is the second half of a two part process for successful video content. Creating quality video is the first step, the next step is aimed at getting your content seen by your desired audience. The process of marketing a video is similar to that of marketing any other form of content except for that video has is own unique guidelines and marketing etiquette online. The process of marketing video online includes everything from choosing the right hosting platforms and optimising upon upload (a skillset in itself), syndicating the video online through social media and high profile sites and ultimately using search engine optimisation to increase your videos visibility on specific platforms or to even rank above your competitor’s websites. Bigfoot Digital has the knowhow to create content that generates strong psychological responses in your audience in order to connect with them and create brand affinity. Having worked with a range of local to international brands we’re experienced in managing brand image across video creation and distribution and understand that every client has different needs and different audiences.