Video Marketing


Video Marketing is another social media platform and a great way to get your brands out in the online arena and generate interest in your products. There are hundreds of video networking sites and we can create or take your existing videos and syndicating them on as many relevant video sites as possible to maximise their online exposure. But when it comes to video marketing there is one clear market leader and the video site that should form a crucial element in your online marketing mix. Youtube is the second highest trafficked site globally with an estimated 60 million unique viewers offering a vast community to market your business to.
Working in a similar way to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, a YouTube account can invite and develop a network of ‘friends’, people who follow and like your YouTube page and comment on videos. Creating a buzz about your brands can end up with your video’s going viral increasing brand exposure within the online environment. What’s more, as with all the top social media sites, Youtube offers offers invaluable search engine optimisation advantages. The better you optimise your videos and the more people who view, comment and share them, the more relevant the search engines will consider your website and Youtube account to be and thus the higher it will rank in their listings. Creating engaging videos is just the starting point, they then need to be optimised and promoted to maximise their online reach and SEO benefits.