Using Social Media to Drive Charity

Social Media can really help to spread the word for charities.

Earlier this week the UK, and the rest of the world, was saddened by the news that Claire Squires, a young girl from Leicestershire, died taking part in the London marathon. She was running the marathon to raise money for the Samaritans, a charity which her mother had volunteered with for 20 years.

Since the news spread, her JustGiving page has been inundated with donations. The amount donated currently stands at over £712,000, and many anticipate this amount will surpass the £1 million mark by the end of the week. Such is the power of social media.

Social Media isn’t just a tool for communicating and marketing, it also has the power to unite and drive people to act. So how can you harness this for your next charity campaign and make sure you’re reaching the maximum number of people?

  • Sites like JustGiving make it easier, and more trustworthy, to donate money to charity over the Internet and by mobile phone. Don’t put up barriers to donate, make it easy for anyone, anywhere to give.
  • People love to share the good things they’ve done, so encourage your donors to share the news that they’ve just done something incredible through their social media profiles.
  • While users may be reluctant to share a standard marketing message with their friends, most are willing to put in the small amount of effort it takes to hit retweet or share when there’s a good cause at stake. While you’re in the early stages of building an audience, make sharing the call to action.
  • Harness the power of celebrities. Twitter makes it easier than ever to interact and engage with the most influential people in showbiz, send them a polite or funny request and hopefully you’ll get a RT from them.

Not running a charity but still want to use your influence for good? How about pledging your next birthday to CharityWater? Instead of gifts you ask your friends to donate to this clean water charity. Which sounds much better than more underwear and socks, right?!

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