Using Press Releases to make an Impact with Digital Marketing

Traditionally, press releases are used to inform journalists and media outlets about news they may be interested in covering. But, this old-time tactic has found new purpose in our age of digital marketing and can be used in several ways for different results.

Remember, the best press releases have interesting, newsworthy information, include keywords and use multimedia content like photos or videos. As you draft press releases, experiment with these uses to find approaches that work for your business.

Pitch Media Outlets and Influential Bloggers

Press releases are still used to pitch stories to journalists, so why not take this into the digital world and pitch your story to an outlet with an online presence or an influential blogger? Find sites that your market pays attention to and that is likely to publish your story. Then, do some research to find the right person to pitch it to and remember to focus on the news aspect of your story and why readers should care.

The Benefit

Using press releases this way will bring better brand awareness, positive publicity, and links to your website and help you strengthen your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable business that is making big strides in your industry.

Post to your own Online Newsroom

Consider setting up an online newsroom on your website, or even dedicate a section of your blog to news, to publish your press releases. Time this correctly so that you publish the press release at the same time you are sending it out to other outlets.

The Benefit

Updating your site regularly can help with search engine rankings, making it easier for people to find your content. Doing this will also give you a chance to inform reporters, bloggers and your market about news in a way that tells people that what you are sharing is the official story or announcement.

Publish on Press Release Distribution Sites

Press release distribution sites can help spread your message. You need to get to know the journalists you send your press releases to, and cater your message to their needs and interests. Once you’ve sent out your releases you might want to use a hand-picked press release distribution site or two in order to get your message out to a wider audience. Some sites have very specific guidelines on the number of links you can include in your releases, so be sure to follow those carefully. This is not a link opportunity; your impetus should be on great content and a great message. This is simply a platform for further distribution.

The Benefit

Distributing your press release this way increases the odds that another website will pick up your story and publish it, maybe even using content directly from your press release, so you can reach a bigger audience. This is also a good way to build links on credible sites back to your site.

Share through Social Media

As you publish your press release, you can also share links to it through your social media sites. Of course, whether or not you do this will depend on the nature of the release and the markets you reach on social media. In other words, some information may not be of interest to those who follow you on social media, so choose carefully which releases to share and what sites to share them on.

The Benefit

Sharing anything on social media means you will get more readers and benefit from social sharing. This can help your news spread more quickly and ensure that your target market sees the information, even if people don’t read the media sites that pick up your story.

Press releases are still a widely used tactic in the world of public relations and marketing, and when used in different ways, can also make a big impact as part of your digital marketing campaign.