Why you Should be Using Infographics at your Business

Image courtesy of Nate Burgos/Flickr.

You’ve seen infographics on social media, websites and blogs. Have you ever wondered why so many businesses use them and how they fit into their marketing plans? If you aren’t already using infographics as part of your online marketing, you could be missing out on some big benefits.

You can Share Detailed Information Easily

One of the best things about infographics is that you can easily share a lot of detailed information in a clear way. You can fit a lot of detail into one of these pieces of content and still make it easy to understand.

Whether you need to tell your market about survey results, statistical information, product features or a timeline, an infographic can make it easier to do and easier for your readers to follow.

You can Tell a Story in a Visual Way

Visual content is like a breath of fresh air since people are overwhelmed with blog posts and articles online. Pictures and graphics can help you tell a story in a new way, which can make it more interesting and even more memorable.

Use infographics to tell your brand’s story, showcase testimonials or highlight products. Of course, make sure the infographics also include interesting and valuable information, so they don’t just look like an ad.

They can Help you Stand Out

Because of their visual nature, infographics can also help you stand out online. This is especially true on social media, where they will make people stop scrolling and pay attention to your content. They can also help your articles, blog posts, press releases and other content stand out, since they are visually interesting.

Readers will Quickly See your Message

Another benefit of the visual aspect of infographics is that it allows readers to see your message quickly. All people have to do is quickly scan your infographic and they will understand what you are trying to say. In contrast, people have to read your articles or blog posts carefully, which they don’t always have the time or attention span for, to get your message.

They are Very Shareable

There’s a reason you see so many infographics on social media — they are extremely shareable. They are interesting, eye-catching and fun, and people want to share them with their friends. When you use infographics, you can start a buzz about your brand and get your content and name in front of a bigger audience.

You can Use them for your SEO Efforts

Infographics can also help you build links to your site and generate more traffic. When you make infographics, add a code to your page that people can copy and paste to embed the infographic on their own website. Make sure the code includes a link back to your site so you will be building links and so when people click on the graphic, they will be directed to your website, helping you boost traffic.

As you start using infographics you will find dozens of ways you can incorporate them into your social media, content marketing, SEO and online marketing strategies. These, and many more, benefits will follow helping you grow your internet brand.