Using Holiday Hype in your Internet Marketing

Image courtesy of Jessica Neuwerth/Flickr.

The holidays are here and while people may not be Christmas shopping right now, they are still looking for those good deals and celebrating the holiday season. There’s a certain amount of hype and buzz that comes with this time of year, and you can use it to help you get your brand out there and promote your business.

Celebrate with Your Market

First, celebrate! Whether you hold special holiday events, have an office party or just post some holiday content on your website, let your market see it. This simple step can make your brand more relatable and can help you show some personality.

This tactic doesn’t need to be planned in advance and can be accomplished with just a few social media posts or a fun, holiday update on your website. For example, we updated our site’s logo with some holiday lights to show some festive spirit.

Offer Something Special

Holiday specials can help you increase sales and expose your business and products to a new market. Use your social media channels, email marketing list, website, blog and other marketing channels to offer a special deal to your market.

Consider offering a special discount or having a sale on some of your most popular products. You can also give your email subscribers a freebie like a product sample, ebook or free download that acts as a promotional tool and helps you show people what you have to offer.

Create Memorable Marketing Content

The holidays bring an excellent opportunity to get creative with content. You can make holiday-themed blog posts, social media posts or even photos and videos that help you promote your brand while still celebrating the season.

You can definitely use a well-planned and very detailed campaign, or you can just create some simple content that ties into the holidays and is a little more memorable than your normal marketing content.

Get Involved Outside your Business

Show some holiday spirit by getting involved in your community or industry. Asking employees to volunteer at a local charity, helping with a fundraiser or simply giving to a good cause will help you show your market that you don’t just care about your business and sales, you care about your community.

Be careful not to make this opportunity too self promotional, but share your good deeds with your market by posting some photos to your social media accounts or mentioning them in your next newsletter.

Say “Thank You”

Now is the perfect time to thank your market. Use the holiday season to show your customers and social media audience that you recognise them, appreciate their business and are there to make sure they have a great experience.

There are so many ways you can do this, from a simple social media post or marketing email to a mailed card or a free sample. No matter what approach you choose, make sure your thank you appeals to your market and tells people that you have their best interest in mind so you can foster your relationship and strengthen your brand’s image.

The holiday season gives you a chance to celebrate with your market, create some memorable marketing pieces and give back to your customers. These kinds of actions will help you build your brand and form a good relationship with your market, which will help your business grow.