Using Customer Service as a Marketing Tool

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There is one thing almost everyone can agree on: customer service can make a big impression on your customers. When you provide excellent service that makes your customers feel valued, you are building a positive reputation for your brand. You are also making it more likely that word of mouth will be supportive of your business so you can gain more customers.

Have you considered how customer service can work as a marketing tool for your business? There are lots of ways you can adjust your customer service strategies to make them work as marketing tools. In fact, making these kinds of adjustments may be one of the easiest ways to enhance your digital marketing.

Promote Social Media through Customer Service Channels

One of the best ways you can build marketing through customer service is to promote your social media accounts. When your customers are on hold, play a message that tells them they can find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media networks you use. This approach can also work for online customer support chats when you add social media buttons to your chat software.

Don’t forget about more traditional marketing tactics too. If you have a customer support desk at your business, you could hand out business cards or post signs that encourage your customers to connect with you through social media.

Direct Customers to Your Website

Of course, you don’t have to stop at social media. You can also direct customers to your website as a way to market your business and your online resources. Many businesses use their telephone hold messages to direct customers to the business website to find answers to questions, find special deals or learn more about an aspect of the business.

You can get creative with this and try to find ways to draw your customers to your website. Try offering discount codes, holding contests or positing free downloads.

Ask Your Happy Customers to Share

Offering discounts for customers who refer others to a business is a popular tactic for good reason; it works. Don’t underestimate word of mouth marketing because it can be very beneficial. However, this strategy needs to be used very carefully. Before you ask your customers to talk to their friends, you need to be confident that you have provided the very best customer service. You also need to remember that sometimes the people who are the loudest are the ones that have something to complain about. In other words, this tactic can backfire if you have too many unhappy customers talking about your business and warning their friends about you.

By making just a few adjustments, you can start using your customer service platforms as marketing tools. Directing customers to your social media accounts and asking them to refer their friends to you are just a few ways you can start using this strategy.