Useful Resources About Internet Marketing

I know a bit about marketing, but coming from a media studies background I found the following links useful to spruce up my bit of knowledge:

Understanding Internet Market

What is digital marketing?

Social media marketing in 3 minutes

Search Engine optimisation.

This video actually is a good introduction to SEO but in order to really get your websites ranked high in search engines, you need to know a LOT more.

Understanding Search engine optimisation



Programmes I can’t live without now.

I found both these sites to be a bloggers dream.  I particularly enjoy using Ezine as you can keep improving on your status as a writer, which makes me constantly eager to improve and progress with my writing skills.

I personally benefit from sites like these because they actually care about their authors, especially ezine:

  • It wants to help make improve the author’s content, which will benefits both the author and the website.
  • The resources at ezine are extensive, with blogs full to the brim with tips.
  • Even a case sensitive title section that will even suggest the title for you.