How to use a Variety of Content and still Maintain your Brand

Image courtesy of Wendy/Flickr.

Content marketing involves more than blog posts and online articles. Videos, photos, infographics, guides, ebooks and virtually all other types of online content can be a valuable part of your content marketing and Internet marketing strategies. No matter what kind content you use, it is absolutely essential that each piece helps you build and maintain your brand.

Use Visual Elements

One of the best ways to maintain your brand across several types of content is to use the same visual elements. Use the same colours, logos, fonts and visual styles on all of your content. Some types of content lend themselves to visual design more than others, but find ways to brand your content, no matter what kind you are using.

Use everything from photos and graphics to header colours to brand your content. Even small things, like the tone, music and style can help you build and maintain your brand.

Don’t Alter your Messages

It is important that you use consistent messages throughout all of your content. This doesn’t mean that you need to use the same message over and over or even that you need to phrase it the same way each time.

It does mean that you need to choose a few key messages and then make sure all of your content helps you convey them to your market. A video may be better at sending one particular message while a blog post is perfect for another. You will also need to use different phrasing and tones to make each piece effective.

Remember Calls to Action

Using calls to action that complement each other is another way to make sure all of your content helps you maintain your brand. For example, if your goal is to increase sales, most of your content should highlight your products and the benefits you can offer and ask people to make a purchase.

It is possible to use more than one call to action throughout your campaign, but don’t use too many conflicting calls. When you do this you risk confusing your market, distracting people and causing them not to follow up on any of your calls to action.

Row in the Same Direction

To succeed with Internet or content marketing, all of your tactics need to help you row in the same direction. They all need to work together, complementing each other, to help you reach your goals. Sometimes you will be trying to achieve multiple goals, so some of your tactics will be designed for one goal and some for another.

Using consistent messaging and calls to action is the first step in making sure all of your tactics are working together. Make an outline for each piece and keep your goals in mind as you create them.

No matter what kind of Internet or content marketing strategy you are using, it’s important that all of your content helps you build and then maintain your brand. As you do this, your online presence will become stronger, helping you increase brand awareness and achieve your goals. Content that uses consistent branding, messages, calls to action and direction is more powerful and more likely to help you see results.