How to Use Social Media to Form Beneficial Relationships

One of the biggest perks you can get from social media is the ability to build relationships that benefit your business. Yes, social media is a key part of building brand awareness, driving traffic to your site and promoting your products. But, if you keep a few things in mind you can also use your accounts to connect with people who have the power to help your business grow.

To do this, you will need to start with a solid social media account. First, work to brand your page, build a following and generate some interaction. Then, you’ll have the foundation you need to start establishing some relationships.

Identify your Goals

First, identify what you want to accomplish with your social media relationships. Some common benefits include:

+ Bigger Customer Base
+ Guest Blogging Opportunities
+ Ability to Target New Audiences
+ A Wider Social Media Reach
+ Sponsorship Opportunities

You can accomplish all kinds of things with the relationships you form on social media. To be successful, you need to decide what you want to do so you can start looking for opportunities to follow through with your goals.

Interact with Other Accounts

To really make social media work, you need to interact with others. Social media isn’t just about blasting out promotional information and sharing posts. It’s about having conversations with others.

Do this by connecting with people who can help you achieve your goals and then commenting on their posts and sharing their content. This is good social media etiquette and helps you start to connect with others. It shows them you are interested in their content and are willing to help them be successful too.

Reach out to People Privately

As you identify people on social media who can help you accomplish your goals, you can reach out to them privately. For example, if you have connected with someone who has a blog you would like to guest post on, send him a private message introducing yourself and asking if he accepts guest blog posts.

When you reach out to people, regardless of what kind of message you are sending, mention that you follow them on social media and are wondering if they would be interested in a joint effort. Whenever possible, point out how the collaboration will benefit the other person. Always be professional and remember that you are representing your brand and business.

Keep in Touch and be Willing to Return Favours

As you reach out to other businesses and collaborate on projects, keep in touch. No one wants to feel like you only reach out when you need something. Always send a thank-you note and continue to interact with their content. If you can, offer to help out and be willing to return favours.

For example, if you land a guest post with one of your social media connections, be willing to publish a post from her on your blog too or to help promote her event or special deal through your social media account. These kinds of things help foster relationships that continue to benefit both parties.

Social media is a great tool for building relationships that can help you advance your internet marketing plans and build your brand. As your accounts grow, use these tips to find marketing opportunities and reach out to individuals.