How to Use Social Media to Boost Site Traffic

As you increase traffic to your website, you also increase your ability to make more sales, raise brand awareness and engage with your market. One great way to boost your site’s traffic is to use your social media accounts to encourage people to go to your website or blog.

Add Links to your Bios

First, update the about sections on your social media accounts so they are current and include links back to your website. Think about where you want people to go when they visit your site and link to those specific pages. This is a simple step but can really pay off as people who want to know more about your business will click on the links.

Some social media sites, like Google+, allow you to add links to the text in your about section, so you can use any keywords you want to build links. If you have this option, use it to its fullest potential.

Don’t Share Just any Content

If you want people to click on the links you share through your social media posts, you need to think strategically about what you share. Share content that will be interesting to your market and that provides value. Don’t just share content haphazardly without thinking about whether or not it meets your market’s needs and will encourage people to visit your website.

Post Short Snippets and Teasers

Once you have narrowed down what kind of content to share, do it in a way that still encourages people to go to your site. If people get all the information they need through your post, they won’t feel the need to click on your link. Short sections and teasers or captivating titles that entice people to learn more make it more likely that people will click on what you share and visit your website.

Make Sharing Easy and Attractive

Make it easy for people to share your content by adding social media buttons to your blog, site pages and other pieces of content so visitors can easily share things to their own accounts. But, just adding buttons isn’t enough. You also need to make sure the kind of content you post is something your market would want to share. When your content offers a lot of value, is entertaining and is helpful to people, they will want to share it.

Build an Active Community

All of these strategies will bring better results if you have an active social media community. Continually work to build your following and encourage interaction by posting consistently, commenting on other users’ posts, responding to questions and joining conversations. As your community grows, you will have more opportunities to drive traffic to your website.

Getting more website traffic from social media can help you generate more leads, since your visitors will likely already be aware of your business and services. All of these tips can help you boost your traffic, making it easier for you to meet your internet marketing goals.