Why You Should Update your Keywords and SEO Plans to Start the Year

If you are already using a search engine optimisation campaign, you have already done keyword research and are targeting specific words and phrases. So, why should you do more research or reassess your campaign?

Businesses, markets and search engines change. To stay competitive, your SEO plans need to change and respond to these changes so your pages will continue to rank and your markets can find you.

Why Updates are Vital

Good keyword research and SEO plans take into account your company’s objectives and specific offerings. They reflect what you are trying to accomplish, the markets you are trying to reach and search engine updates. If your business has seen some changes or you haven’t updated your plan in several months, your SEO campaign needs to be revisited.

Business Changes and New Keywords

Since you did keyword research and created your SEO campaign, have you launched new products, offered different services, added features to your products or decided to target a different group? If the answer is “yes,” your SEO plan is outdated.

When you decide to focus on a specific product, promote a feature, reach a specific market or make any marketing or advertising changes, you should consider where your SEO plan fits in with this new focus. In most cases, you will also need to update your SEO strategy.

Market Changes and Needs

Even if you are targeting the same market you were when you designed your SEO strategy, that market may have changed. As new technologies emerge, people face new issues, economies shift and industries change, people will be searching for new keywords.

Just as your business must grow and develop to meet changing market needs, so must your SEO campaign. The keywords you use for link building, site optimisation and other SEO tactics need to be the words your market is searching for right now if you want to rank your pages and see results.

Search Engine Updates

Google regularly updates its algorithm, meaning the way it ranks pages and the things you need to do to make your content findable are always changing. This is true for other search engines too, like Bing and Yahoo.

You need to know what these changes are so you can be sure you are using your keywords and tactics to their fullest potential. The kind of content you create, how you publish it and the type of link building you do should be in line with current search engine algorithms and SEO best practices.

Where to Start

Now is the perfect time to update your targeted keywords and SEO plan. As we approach the new year, you have an opportunity to look back and assess how successful your SEO plans were over the previous year and use your business’ new year’s goals to make sure your SEO will be supportive of these objectives.

The thought of doing new keyword research and updating your plans can be daunting. But, when you use past results and your previous work as a foundation, you can easily update your SEO plans so that you will see better results next year.

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