Unleash Your Inner Bookworm

The Internet is a great place to find neat little tips and tricks for building a social media marketing strategy; but blog posts and quick fix guides can only help you so much in building a long-term plan. To bridge the gap between the blog posts you find online and your long-term plans, it helps if you have one guide you can refer back to and make sure you’re staying on track with your aims.

Do a quick search on Amazon and you’ll see there are over 5,000 results for “social media marketing” in books, and this doesn’t even include the Kindle store! Here’s a quick round-up of some of the top social media marketing books, based on my humble opinion and the genuine user reviews I’ve found.


As the title suggests, this book is all about gaining popularity across your social media networks in an honest and transparent way. The author, Dave Kerpen is the CEO of likeable media, and has worked with the likes of Neutrogena and Penguin on their social media efforts, so you know you’re getting some real first-hand experience within the pages of this book.

Kerpen’s style is effortlessly readable and easily digested. He fleshes out his great advice with some real life examples which help to further drive his point home.

This book is great for those wanting an over-arching reference bible to help with everything from outreach to crisis management. It’s received 5 star reviews across the board on Amazon.

Social Media Marketing For Dummies

This book claims to be 8 books in 1, although by this they simply mean that there are 8 sections to the book. It covers everything, and I mean everything, and trusts you to skim over anything that isn’t relevant to you. This book is great if you want to be taken, hand-in-hand, through every aspect of social media, right from the definitions to the more nitty gritty.

My only concern about this book was the apparent lack of social media presence of the authors. It receieved 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and great reviews: “Perfect book for a beginner in social marketing.”

This is Social Media

Written by industry leader Guy Clapperton, This is Social Media is the perfect addition to any social media strategy. Whether you’re already up and running and want to streamline your technique, or if you need a full out of the box guide, Clapperton has it covered!

“You might already be social networking on Facebook, or even microblogging on Twitter. One thing’s for sure though; you’re too busy to muck about on these sites all day, not really knowing how to get any decent play out of them. You’re looking for profitability, not gimmicks.”

As a journalist, Clapperton has been using social media for businesses since he went freelance in 1993.

500 Social Media Marketing Tips

This is more of a dip in and out guide aimed at offering new ideas and perspectives to those already running a social media marketing campaign.

Again, I was concerned about the lack of social media presence behind the book, as it would seem the author, Andrew Macarthy (No, not that one!) fails to practice what he preaches on his own social networks. That said, this really is a top-notch book and well deserving of the 4.9 star reviews on Amazon.