Understanding EdgeRank

Ever notice how sometimes your Facebook news feed is dominated by updates of your friend’s new car or cat? And sometimes you feel like you might be missing more important updates because they just don’t show up in your feed? This is all down to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, which selects the content to be displayed in your News Feed.

While it may seen counter-intuitive to miss out on some Facebook updates, if you didn’t, your Facebook News Feed would begin to resemble Twitter and you’d miss 90% of your updates anyway. According to Facebook, your posts only reach about 12% of your friends, which is actually a good thing because small updates are hidden, making room for the big stuff.

If you’re using Facebook for business and marketing purposes, you will want to make sure your posts are reaching the widest possible audience. Understanding EdgeRank is one of the easiest ways to do this. If you head over to EdgeRank Checker, you can see your current edge rank score for any page you currently manage; be prepared to wait, importing three months worth of data can take a while!

What is EdgeRank?

The formula for EdgeRank is shown above. ‘Edge’ is quite simply any activity on Facebook, from Likes to Status Updates. Facebook also takes into consideration the ‘affinity’ between viewer and creator. Affinity takes into consideration your relationship with the viewer, and how often you interact with them. While you may not interact with a sibling very often on Facebook, EdgeRank will still consider this ‘affinity’ to be higher than with someone you went to school with 10 years ago. For this reason, interacting with as many of your fans as possible is the best way to make sure they keep seeing your content.

Weight is a value assigned to the edge (activity) based on its content. A comment will have a higher weight than a like, and a photo will have a higher weight than a status update. Try to bear this in mind when interacting with fans, while it may be easier to just like posts on your page, leaving a comment will carry much more weight.

Time Decay is quite simply the time the edge has been around, the older it is, the less value it will have. For this reason, it helps to create a social media schedule to ensure you’re posting quality content consistently.

How can I improve my EdgeRank?

  • Post share-able content. Images, Videos and Links all get the best reaction from fans.
  • Focus on valuable interaction, a comment is worth more than a like.
  • Respond to all fan interaction, even if it’s just to say them for posting.
  • Keep things fresh, aim to post a few things every day.
  • Keep an eye on your analytics to determine your most active time, and focus your posting and interaction in this window.
  • Check your current EdgeRank at http://edgerankchecker.com