UK Users can Now Publish Blog Posts to LinkedIn – What you Should Do

LinkedIn has announced that it has extended the ability to publish blog posts on its network to all members in English-speaking countries. This means businesses in the UK now have a new platform for content marketing and an extra social media marketing tool.

What the New Feature Includes

Last year, LinkedIn gave all users in the US the ability to publish blog posts on the site. Other users can browse the content, comment on it and share it through LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. According to the site’s announcement, 1 million posts have been published on LinkedIn.

Now, users in the UK, and other English-speaking countries, can do the same, bringing the total number of users who can publish on the site to 230 million. LinkedIn also says that about 40,000 posts are published on the site each week.

In essence, this feature takes LinkedIn from a networking site to a content publishing site, where professionals and businesses can share content, discuss issues, share their expertise and even promote their services and brands.

How you Should use the New Feature

So how do you take this new feature and turn it into a marketing tool for your business? First, make sure you are building a LinkedIn presence for your brand by updating your page, connecting with other users and businesses and participating in groups. You can also interact with others’ content to add your own voice to conversations and promote your page.

As your presence grows, you can use the LinkedIn publishing feature more effectively. The way you include it in your strategy will depend on your business and goals, but here are a few ways to get started.

Include it in Your Content Marketing Plan

LinkedIn can be a viable part of your content marketing plan, as it gives you one more place where you can publish pieces that help you brand your business and drive traffic to your site. You can link keywords to your website, blog, product pages or anywhere else you want to help you promote those pages and accomplish all kinds of goals.

Build a Reputation as an Expert Resource

One of the biggest things LinkedIn can help you do is build a reputation for your business as an expert resource. LinkedIn is a great place to tell your story and show people that you are knowledgeable in your field. As you publish high quality content that is about the latest trends, issues and solutions in your industry, people will begin to see you as a resource they can depend on and a business they want to work with.

Highlight what you can Do

Content you publish on LinkedIn can also help you promote your services and gain new customers. Do this by mentioning your services, posting case studies and sharing success stories, giving people a glimpse of what it is like to be one of your customers.

Now that LinkedIn users in the UK can start publishing content, take advantage of this opportunity to build your brand and promote your services, making LinkedIn a successful part of your internet marketing strategy.