UK Mobile Ad Spending Triples in One Year

The Guardian has reported that mobile spending in the UK tripled between 2011 and 2012, going from £203m to £526m. This is an incredible increase of 148 percent in just one year. Marketers are recognizing the opportunity mobile devices bring and have found that mobile advertising is an effective way to reach a large portion of the population.

Interestingly, in 2009 only 1 percent of the total amount spent on advertising in the UK was spent on mobile ads. That number went up to 10 percent in 2012. Social media advertising has increased by 24 percent in the past three years, and In general, Internet advertising is also steadily increasing.

What’s all the Fuss About?

So why are marketers increasing their mobile advertising budgets so quickly and by so much? Because a growing portion of the population is spending more time on mobile devices. According to the Westminster eForum in 2012, there are now more mobile phones in the UK than there are people.

Since Internet-ready mobile gadgets are more affordable and common than ever before, people are spending more time browsing the Internet, using apps, reading blogs and connecting through social media while on the go.

A few statistics, all from the Westminster eForum, illustrate the growing trend of mobile Internet use:

  • 28 percent of UK citizens have bought something with their smartphone.
  • 12 percent of the population has a tablet, and tablet sales are growing by about 378 percent each year.
  • 38 percent of people who have tablets spend more time using it than watching television.
  • 53 percent of people in the UK use two screens at once (both a smartphone and the television, for example).

There is no doubt that mobile Internet use is on the rise, and advertisers are wise to begin using this channel to reach their markets.

How Your Business Can Use Mobile Advertising

If you’re interested in taking your advertising to the next level by implementing mobile advertising, there are several ways you can do it. First, making your website mobile friendly and using mobile ads on your site is an excellent way to reach your smartphone-using market. You can also use advertising on apps or even release your own company app.

Social media advertising is extremely popular and can be very effective. Social media users are turning to mobile devices more and more as they connect with their friends and follow brands. You can leverage your current social media campaign so it will target mobile users.

As markets become more reliant on mobile Internet use, brands need to follow with mobile advertising campaigns. If you analyze your market and find that it is likely to consist of smartphone users, your brand would be wise to begin advertising through mobile websites, apps and social media.