Two New Facebook Updates You Need to Know About

It seems that Facebook is unrolling new features all the time. Whether they are prominent parts of the user interface or updates to the news feed algorithm, these updates make an impact on the way businesses use Facebook as a marketing tool. In recent days, the social media site has added two new features that bring major changes to the site for both users and marketers.

Shared Photo Albums

Facebook users can now create shared photo albums, which multiple people can post to. Now, when you click to create a new album, Facebook asks if you want to make it a shared album. While the concept is simple, it may give businesses even more opportunities to use Facebook to engage their markets. Photos that are all related to a business, event, product or promotion can now be collected and added to a single album by businesses and followers.

There are a few caveats: album creators can only add individual contributors and each album can only have 50 contributors. However, you can choose a setting that allows contributors to invite even more contributors, and you can allow the public, contributors only, or friends of contributors to see the photos.

Your business can get in on the action by analyzing your social media marketing campaign and finding areas where increased follower engagement would be beneficial. Then, create some shared albums and ask your followers to contribute to them. Engagement is a crucial part of social media marketing, and this new feature gives you one more way to foster activity and engagement.

Simpler Contests

Facebook contests are a popular, and often successful, marketing tactic. With Facebook’s newest update, running a Facebook contest is much easier than it has been in the past. Instead of having to rely on third-party apps to run a contest, businesses can now run contests on their timelines and can even use things like comments, messages and “likes” as forms of entries.

This change makes things easier for both followers and marketers. Instead of navigating confusing apps and asking people to follow confusing instructions to enter, businesses can run simpler contests. Followers will benefit because entering contests will be much easier. All of these changes not only make it easier to run a contest, but may also make Facebook contests more successful and a more powerful tool.

Both of these new features bring exciting changes to both users and marketers. They change the experience people can have on the site and add new ways businesses can reach potential customers and encourage them to respond to calls to action.

If your social media marketing campaigns could use a boost, start by updating your page and building an online community. Then, implement these new features in ways that will help you build your presence and reach your marketing goals.