Twitter’s Newest Feature and How to Bring your Feed to Life

With 284 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets sent each day, Twitter is a social network that can really help you promote your business and reach your market. It has announced a new feature that makes it more likely your tweets will be seen, and with just a few adjustments you can make your feed come to life.

“While You Were Away”

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Twitter has launched a new feature that shows users tweets they may have missed since the last time they logged in. The tweets will appear below the heading “While you were away…” and will be displayed based on how often you log in.

Right now, this is only available on the iOS app, but will soon be unrolled for Android and

The official announcement explains that if you are on Twitter only once in a while, you will see the new feature quite often, giving you a chance to see important or particularly interesting tweets you may not otherwise see. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time on Twitter you probably won’t see this feature very often.

While we don’t know the details of how Twitter will determine what tweets to show a user with this new feature, the announcement does say they will be “determined by engagement and other factors.”

Bringing your Feed to Life

On Twitter, it is extremely important that you stand out, breaking through all the noise and clutter and getting your market’s attention. This newest feature could mean that as people interact with your tweets, your posts will be more likely to be shown under the “While you were away” heading. Of course, increased engagement also leads to an increase in site traffic, better brand awareness and other marketing benefits.

Tweet Pictures Often

Recently, Twitter made it possible to attach more than one image to a tweet, and you can take advantage of this to make your timeline more interesting. Pictures stand out on feeds and make people pause and take notice. You can also tag other users in your pictures for some added activity.

Use Twitter Cards

You’ve probably seen those tweets that include a video, content summary, app download link or some other kind of interactive content. These are called Twitter Cards and really stand out. They can also help you increase engagement as they give people a way to interact with your content.

Tag other Users

Mentioning other users in your tweets can help you start conversations, get retweets and connect with your market. You can respond to individuals by answering questions or providing feedback or you can give a shoutout to an influential person or brand. Remember, you can make sure everyone sees tweets that start with a user name by putting a period just before the at sign, like this: “.@BigfootDigital.”

Create your Own Hashtags

Using popular hashtags can help you reach audiences and join conversations. But, creating and then using your own, unique hashtags can help you promote your brand, push a social media campaign forward and start your own buzz. You could create a hashtag that you use on a longterm basis or you could use one for a special event or promotion.

These tips, combined with the features Twitter is always adding and updating, will help you make your timeline more interesting and engaging, benefiting your entire marketing plan.