Twitter’s New Product and Place Collections

Twitter has entered the curated content game with its new product and place collections. This new feature actually has two parts, and it is one that has a lot of potential for marketers. Twitter has become an excellent place to promote content and advertise, and these new features will add to that power.

The New Features

First, new Twitter product and place pages are designed to show users information about products and places they might be interested in and showcase more details, making them more useful. According to Twitter’s announcement, they “will feature images and video about the product alongside information such as a description, price and an option to buy, book or visit the website for more information.” According to Twitter’s announcement, the product and place pages are being tested and some users will start to see them in their timelines.

The second new feature is called product and place collections. It gives businesses and brands a way to create curated content collections that followers can see and interact with. It lets brands collect content and share it in an organized way, which is a first for Twitter.

Your Business and Curated Content on Twitter

Unfortunately, this new feature is only available to select partners. You can see what brands are using it on Twitter’s blog post. But, there are still ways you can incorporate curated content and share it through Twitter.

Start a Dedicated Account

Consider opening an account, in addition to your main Twitter account, that is solely for curated content collections. This account will give your followers a specific avenue for following content about different topics, and will give you a chance to highlight your content. It can work directly with your blog and content marketing strategy to help you promote them and build an audience.

Be sure to promote your new dedicated account so people will start following it and you will have an audience to talk to. You can do this through your main Twitter account, other social media accounts, blogs, email marketing and other online marketing channels.

Use your own Hashtags

Another simple way to use Twitter to curate content is to use your own hashtags, created specifically for this purpose. To make this work, you will need to use the hashtag continually and work to make sure your followers know what kind of value they can find when they follow it. As you do this, the hashtag will become associated with your brand and people in your market will recognize it and interact with it.

This can also be used to crowdsource content and give your followers a way to interact with your brand. Use the hashtag whenever you share relevant content and encourage people to use it too.

It’s not certain when these new features will be available for every Twitter user. But, in the meantime, you can start using Twitter to curate content and add one more promotional tool to your marketing plan.