Twitter’s New Cards Feature Benefits Businesses

Twitter has introduced a new feature called “cards” that will make it possible for businesses to attach media components to their tweets. The company has implemented a few different kinds of cards, each that allows for a different function.

Media-Enhanced Tweets

Each card is specifically formatted for a different type of content. Depending on what kind of business you have, these cards could make your Twitter strategy more effective. There are six different types of cards to choose from:

  • Summary Card
  • Photo Card
  • Gallery Card
  • App Card
  • Player Card
  • Product Card

The cards can give viewers a snippet of an article, a better look at photos, a link to a product or even access to a video player in their Twitter feed.

The summary card. Image source.

When displayed in a follower’s feed, the card will look much like any other tweet. It will include the tweeted text at the top followed by the content and any included links. In a way, tweets with cards will be similar to a post on a social network like Facebook or Google Plus, with the exception that the text entered by the user will still be limited to 140 characters.

The product card. Image source. The player card. Image source.

Benefits to Businesses

Chances are that your business will benefit from at least one of these card styles. If you sell a product, publicize your blog or share photos with your followers, these cards could make your tweets more interactive.

The long-standing challenge businesses on Twitter have faced is finding ways to use 140-character posts to entice followers to click a link so content experienced to the fullest potential. The new Twitter cards makes this a much more doable task. As followers skim through their Twitter feed, glancing at posts and pausing to read some, your business’ card-enhanced tweets will stand out and may receive more clicks and retweets.

A New Direction for Twitter

The addition of cards to Twitter and the twitter feed could signal a change of direction for the social media site. Until now, businesses relied on regular tweets and sponsored tweets to advertise their services. However, this new feature gives businesses more tools that can help them reach their markets. Twitter cards are free for businesses to use, but by becoming more business friendly, Twitter may attract companies interested in purchasing sponsored tweets.

If your business uses Twitter as part of its digital marketing plan, you can visit Twitter’s developer site for instructions on how to start using the new cards.